Who are we?

We are Robert and Marsha van de Graaf, married and business partners

Foto van Robert van de GraafPhoto of Marsha van de Graaf

After my degree in Technical Engineering, I fullfilled my mandatory military service and started work as an electrician. During that period my ambition to become a security engineer and ended up doing this work for 5 years. After those years I felt the need to develop further and started work as a planner at Nedap Secure. This is where I got my first experiences with Nedap. I have over 21 years (since 1999) of experience working with Nedap accces and entry control. At first with WinXS but after the introduction of Nedap AESOS in 2001, I carried out my first project at a government ministry in The Hague, as a spin off of this product.  I was subsequently hired as a product specialist at Isolectra where I shared all my knowledge and ability with regards to Nedap AESOS internally but also externally to end users and installers. Beside that, i was also CCTV-product specialist with regards to Bosch, Axis and Divitec equipment.

With the ambition of working as a project manager, I spent a year at Johnson Contols working with P2000 (previously known as Cardkey) and then made the switch to Imtech. They became a partner of Nedap and my knowledge of and experience in this field were much needed. In 2012 Isolectra approached me and asked me to return to help them with their new and existing clients as things were’nt going so well well with Nedap AEOS within the organisation. I did this to the satisfactio of the end users, the organisation, and, of course, myself and there was a further ambition to build on this.

After five years, however, we mutually decided to part ways. At a moment like that, you can choose to apply in the job market or start your own business. Together with my wife I decided on the latter and that is how Rograma came to be. Rograma offers its services to Nedap Security Management partners, but also to end users.



After completing senior school and obtaining a secretarial degree, i spent years working as management assistant and assitant operations at various companies. In 2001 I was expecting my first child and my employer did not want my job to be fullfilled by a part time employee. Forced to apply elsewhere, I applied and got hired at Lips Security. Having worked there for a few years I became pregnant of my second child and I decided to put my professional career on hold for a while to focus solely on raising my children. On 10 May 2010, I started my own company called Marsha’s Bodycare. Unfortunately I had some health issues at the time and was forced to close my massage practice. Thankfully, I received an offer from one of my old employers, Avenue Juwelers, to return. I gratefully took that opportunity and worked my way up to assistant company director.  In 2017 Robert decided to start his own company and I dedicated a lot of time to doing the books for said company, alongside my job at Avenue. When I start something, I want to focus on the whole package and that’s why I focussed my attention more on the area of security and completed sevaral course on the subject.

As Robert’s company was getting increasingly busy, we decided to take the next step; As per 1 January 2021 I quit my job and became an official partner within Rograma. I can now fully support him and provide our customers with more and quicker services. I will be taking on, amongst other things, the Support and Maintanance section of the company. In the meantime I have been gaining a lot of experience within in the company and Robert is educating me on all the ins and outs.